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Table 1 National AMR Programs in the Community in Canada 1995-2010

From: Antimicrobial resistance programs in Canada 1995-2010: a critical evaluation

Years 1998-2009 From 1998 2001-2006 From 2008
Scope National Provincial National National
Duration 12 yrs Ongoing 5 yrs Ongoing
Funding Federal Gov't Provincial Pfizer Federal Gov't
Public Communications     
Pamphlets/brochures Yes Yes Yes Yes
Press conferences Yes Yes Yes Yes
Posters Yes Yes Yes Yes
Television/Radio No Yes Yes No
Video (eg, clinic room) No Yes No No
Website Yes Yes Yes Yes
Day-care programme No Yes No No
School programme No Yes No No
Professional Communications     
Doctors/Pharmacists/Nurses Yes* Yes Yes Yes
Scientific journal articles Yes No Yes Yes
Treatment guidelines Endorsed DBND Yes No No
Letters to doctors Yes Yes No No
Toolkits Distributed Yes No No No
Educational outreach Yes Yes No No
Feedback No Yes No Yes
Undergraduate curriculum Yes Yes No No
Antibiotic prescription pads Yes Yes Yes No
Symptomatic therapy scripts Evaluation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Controls for evaluation No Yes No No
Patient/physician knowledge No Yes Yes No
Antibiotic use Yes‡ Yes No No
Resistance rates Yes Yes Yes No
Clinical outcomes No No No No
  1. CCAR: Canadian Committee on Antibiotic Resistance; DBND: Do Bugs Need Drugs?; NIPA: National Information Program on Antibiotics; NCCID: National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases
  2. *Included information for veterinarians
  3. all 56,000 physicians in Canada
  4. obtained agreement with IMS HEALTH Canada to provide up-to-date national and regional antibiotic consumption data through its Compuscript database