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Table 3 Illustrative quotes

From: The safe insertion of peripheral intravenous catheters: a mixed methods descriptive study of the availability of the equipment needed

No. Details
1. So again in terms of familiarity and ease of usage then it’s going to be difficult for the staff (participant 2, site A)
2. And some store people who stock up rooms will put stuff where they think it needs to go and a nurse may very well put it completely somewhere else….all the wards have different layouts (participant 2, site F)
3. They put it [the order] on a Monday and we’re expecting it on a Thursday and on Thursday it doesn’t come. … then we’ll find out that you know it’s out of stock or they have given us different stuff (participant 2, site A)
4. Mostly Bank Holidays, mostly when the holidays are coming, mostly and sometimes it’s Saturdays. It really depends sometimes, like it’s mostly Bank Holidays (participant 1, site A)
5. We’ve got trolleys set up for peripheral insertion, the cannulae and syringes, everything, we do have a problem with it being stocked (participant 2, site A)
6. Minors, there’s problems with the equipment in minors, I think because there’s less insertion of IV lines put down in there, that stock gets depleted and not replenished (participant 2, site A)
7. It might be their job and yet they’re not the ones that use it so … that you may not, that wouldn’t be your priority because it’s not something that’s on your radar (participant 1, site F)