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Table 1 Overview patients and their spa- and Raman types

From: The use of typing methods and infection prevention measures to control a bullous impetigo outbreak on a neonatal ward

Patient Month Spa-type Raman Symptoms
A May t408 Separatetype yes
B May t408 Cluster yes
C May t408 Cluster yes
D June t408 Cluster yes
E June t279 - yes (after 11 days)
F June t408 Cluster unknown
G June t505 - yes
     yes, and twinbrother
H July t408 Cluster of F
I July t408 Cluster yes
J July t091 - yes
K July t279 - yes
L August t026 - yes
M August t026 - yes
N August t9259 - yes
O August t408 Cluster yes
P November t408 Cluster yes
Q   t408 Separatefamily cluster no
R   t408 Cluster non
S   t408 Cluster no