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Table 1 Infection control guidelines checked for availability, tested items environmental contamination and infection prevention preconditions

From: Measuring the quality of infection control in Dutch nursing homes using a standardized method; the Infection prevention RIsk Scan (IRIS)

Nursing guidelines Guideline concerning bacteria/viruses Tested items environmental contamination Infection prevention preconditions
Infections in the NH Multi drug resistant microorganisms Bathroom sink Availability of hand alcohol
Patient care MRSA, Bedside cabinet Availability of gloves
Intravenous administration* Norovirus Table living room Availability of FFP2 mouth/nose mask
Medicine administration Scabies, Microwave kitchen Availability of isolation gowns
Cleaning/disinfection and sterilisation Legionella control, Medicine cabinet Availability of needle containers
Storage of sterile materials Food safety Bedside commode Availability of utility room with bedpan washer
Waste collection and transport Pets in the NH Utility room Availability of plastic aprons for employees working in civilian clothes
Urine draining and defecation Mandatory registration of infectious diseases Sterile storage shelve Presence of at least one hand wash basin, per 15 residents
Care of the airways   Toilet seat Presence of at least two toilet-groups, per 15 residents
Wound care Guidelines for employees Washing bowl Presence of at least one single room with private bathroom, per 15 residents
Tube feeding Hand hygiene   
Dialyses (CAPD/CCPD)* Personal protective resources,   
Spinal infection procedures and pain management* Personnel infections   
Care of the airways Personal hygiene of employees,   
  Blood exposure incidents   
  1. *If applicable.