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Table 1 Key search terms used in PubMed and Google scholar

From: A review of 40 years of enteric antimicrobial resistance research in Eastern Africa: what can be done better?

Initial search terms Refining terms
“Antibiotic resistan*” “east* Africa*”
“Antimicrobial* resistan*” “east* Africa*countr*”
“Drug* resistan*” “Kenya*”
“Multi-drug resistan*” “Uganda*”
“Multidrug resistan*” “Tanzania*”
“Multiple-drug resistan*” “Ethiopia*”
“Multiple drug* resistan*” “Rwanda*”
“Antibiotic* susceptib*” “Burundi”
“Antimicrobial* susceptib*” “enterobacteria*”
“Drug* susceptib*” “enter* pathogen*”
“Multi-drug susceptib*” “diarrh* pathogen*”
“Multidrug susceptib*” Salmonella* resistan*”
“Multiple-drug susceptib*” Shigella* resistan*”
“Multiple drug* susceptib*” Vibrio resistan*”
 Escherichia* resistance*”
  1. Initial search terms included words used to filter out publications that did not address antimicrobial resistance. Refining terms were then applied to select only articles from the study region and on the pathogens of interest. Truncation marks (*) indicate that different extensions of the main stem of words were used.