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Table 1 Headings and descriptions of the domains of ASAT v16 [12]

From: Perspectives of clinical microbiologists on antimicrobial stewardship programmes within NHS trusts in England

Domain ASAT Headings Description of ASAT Domains
1 Antimicrobial management with the Trust Examines the Trust Board roles in ensuring good antimicrobial management
2 Operational delivery of antimicrobial strategy Examines the types of control documents such as antimicrobial guidelines and policies
3 Risk assessment for antimicrobial chemotherapy Examines patient safety principles that should be undertaken when prescribing antimicrobials
4 Clinical governance assurance Examines compliance to clinical guidelines and policies by clinical audits
5 Education and Training Examines the education, training needs and training packages available to antimicrobial prescribers
6 Antimicrobial Pharmacist Examines the role of the antimicrobial pharmacist to optimise their role in antimicrobial stewardship