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Table 3 Promoting infection prevention community-engaged measures against Ebola virus disease, 8 key steps (CARE framework)

From: The 2014–2015 Ebola outbreak in West Africa: Hands On

- Prepare to enter the affected community with a respected local leader
- Enter the community with cultural humility and critical self-reflection about one’s own biases and beliefs
- Identify key male and female community leaders who are influential in decision making
- Empower the community leaders
- Organise regular meetings where medical teams can be invited as participants rather than conveners
- Assess to what extent communities are ready for change (knowledge of the issue and of the efforts involved in the response, leadership attitude)
- Map the various groups that have resources and insights into the situation (religious groups, children, etc.)
- Plan for sustainability, i.e. after the departure of the medical team. Most importantly, a process