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Table 3 Search strategy of MEDLINE via PubMed

From: Relationship between hospital ward design and healthcare-associated infection rates: a systematic review and meta-analysis

# Searches
= #1
(“Health Facility Environment”[Mesh]) OR construct* OR architect* OR design* OR ward*
Single patient room
= #2
(“Patients’ Rooms”[Mesh]) OR single OR single patient OR privat* OR single bed
= #3
(“Infection Control”[Mesh]) OR (“Cross Infection”[MeSH Terms]) OR transmiss* OR nosocomial*
Time limit
= #4
Limit to “1990/01/01”[PDAT] : “2015/12/31”[PDAT]
Language limit
= #5
Limit to (English[lang] OR French[lang] OR German[lang] OR Spanish[lang])
  #1 AND #2 And #3 AND #4
  1. Do single-patient rooms reduce the transmission/infection rate of healthcare-associated infections and/or colonization caused by multi-drug resistant organisms?