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Table 3 MDR P. aeruginosa incidence density and detection rate before and after intervention

From: Prolonged outbreak of clonal MDR Pseudomonas aeruginosa on an intensive care unit: contaminated sinks and contamination of ultra-filtrate bags as possible route of transmission?

  Before Intervention (28 months) After Intervention (20 months) P-value
Patient days 21,324 10,874 0.255
Clinical specimen examinations n = 3,469 n = 5,388 0.008
Outbreak strain incidence density
(number/1,000 patient days)
1.22 0,18 0.001
Outbreak strain detection rate
(number/1,000 clinical specimen)
7.49 0.37 <0.001
MDR PAE incidence density
(number/1,000 patient days)
4.13 7.45 <0.001
MDR PAE detection rate
(number/1,000 clinical specimen)
25.37 15.03 <0.001
  1. Incidence density was defined as number of specimens per 1000 patient days. Detection rate was defined as number of specimens per 1000 clinical specimen. Clinical specimens were obtained from tracheobronchial secretions, intraabdominal swabs, rectal swabs, wound swabs, urine cultures and blood cultures. Period prior to intervention was from 01/2012 to 04/2014, a period