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Table 3 Concordance between screening and clinical ERIC-PCR strains

From: A prospective survey of Pseudomonas aeruginosa colonization and infection in the intensive care unit

  Patient number Screening culture strain Site of screening Clinical culture strain Clinical culture site Timing between screen and clinical culture
Correlated cases 1 B1 EA, P B1 Wound Same week
2 A Rc A EA Same week
Rc Urine 1 week
EA, P, Rc Same week
4 D2 Rc D1 Abdomen Same week
K1 Rc K2 EA 2 weeks
B2 Rc B2 Urine Same week
6 E2 EA, P E1 EA Same week
7 I1, I2 EA, P I1 EA Same week
8 G Rc G Blood 3 weeks
EA, P, Rc 2 weeks
EA, P, Rc 1 week
EA, P, Rc Same week
12 O Rc O Wound 4 weeks
Rc 2 weeks
13 P EA, P, Rc, U P Wound Same week
Urine Same week
15 R EA R EA Same week
16 S1 EA, P S1 EA 2 weeks
P 1 week
EA, P Same week
17 S2 P S2 EA 1 week
EA, P Same week
18 U EA U EA Same week
Uncorrelated cases 2 Sg P A EA Same week
Urine 1 week
4 D2 Rc C2 Wound 1 week and same week
B2 Rc K2 EA Same week
7 Sg Rc I1 EA Same week
12 Sg Rc O Wound Same week
16 T Rc S1 EA Same week
17 W Rc S2 EA Same week
  1. A-WERIC-PCR strain (a number denotes a clone subtype), Sg unique strain, EA endotracheal aspirate, P pharynx, Rc – rectum, U urine