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Table 1 Barriers and facilitators to infection control, categorized by components of the Systems Engineering Initiative for Patient Safety (SEIPS)

From: Barriers and facilitators to infection control at a hospital in northern India: a qualitative study

Tools and Technology Organization Environment Person Tasks
 Clinician and visitors find mask uncomfortable High nursing turnover Shoe covers required in ICUs because of dust New nurse hires often lack clinical experience Heavy patient workload
 No comprehensive electronic health record Limited initial Hindi language capabilities Ongoing construction within hospital Frustration with the frequency of IC training Perceived understaffing
 Ample IC supplies Institutional climate that prioritizes IC Centrally located sinks, hand gel at bedside IC team well integrated into clinical care Staff knowledgeable about IC practices
 Electronic database for laboratory results Funding and support for dedicated IC team Sufficient beds to prevent overcrowding Large environmental cleaning staff (600) IC nurses help new hires complete IC tasks
  1. IC infection control, ICU intensive care unit