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Table 3 WHO hospital indicators

From: Investigation of antimicrobial use at a tertiary care hospital in Southern Punjab, Pakistan using WHO methodology

Sr. No. Parameter Results
1 Existence of DTC Yes
2 Existence of STGs for infectious diseases No
3 Existence of FL/EML Yes
4 Total number of antimicrobials on the FL/EML 25 generics
5 Are all medicines identified by INN Yes
6 Availability of a set of key antimicrobials in the hospital stores on the day of study 93.8%
7 Average number of days that a set of key antimicrobials is out of stock 3.3 days/month
8 Total number of hospital discharges during the last calendar year 128,940
9 Surgical interventions performed during the last calendar year Major = 28,257
Minor = 17,739
10 Expenditure on antimicrobialsa as a percentage of the total hospital medicine costs 12.2%
  1. DTC Drug and therapeutic committee, STGs Standard treatment guidelines, FL/EML Formulary list/essential medicines list, INN International non-proprietary names
  2. aAnnual bulk purchase data only