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Table 2 Prevalence of colonization by MRGN bacteria

From: Colonization of long term care facility patients with MDR-Gram-negatives during an Acinetobacter baumannii outbreak

  August 2015 February 2016
Number of patients Number of patients
E. coli (3MRGN) 3a 6b
K. pneumoniae (3MRGN) 2 0
P. aeruginosa (4MRGN) 2 0
A. baumannii (3MRGN) 13a 7
  1. aOne patient was co-colonized by E. coli (3MRGN) and A. baumannii (3MRGN)
  2. bThree patients were found to be newly colonized by E. coli (3MRGN) in February 2016. Four patients died during the study period. No swabs were received from three additional patients