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Table 1 Disinfecting cleaning wipe and spray ingredients

From: Effectiveness of various cleaning and disinfectant products on Clostridium difficile spores of PCR ribotypes 010, 014 and 027

Wipe/Spray Compositiona Product Sporicidal claim
Wipe and spray A Glucoprotamin 26 g/100 g
Incidin plus wipes No
Wipe and spray B Hydrogen peroxide (Hispeed H2O2™): 15 mg/g (CAS 77–22-841) Aseptix Sterimax
Sporicide wipes
Wipe and spray C Ethanol 140 mg/g,
Propane-2-ol 100 mg/g; Propane-1-ol 60 mg/g, Nalkyl
amino propyl glycine (CAS 1397 34–65-9)
5 mg/g
Bacillol 30 tissues No
Spray D Didecyldimonium
Chloride, Benzalkonium Chloride, Polyaminopropyl, Biguanide, Dimenthicone
Formula 429 spray Not known
  1. aActive ingredient