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Table 1 ‘Water-free’ patient care activities

From: Reduced rate of intensive care unit acquired gram-negative bacilli after removal of sinks and introduction of ‘water-free’ patient care

Patient care-related action New method with ‘water-free’ working
Gloves and gowns Universal gloving and gowning (pre- and post-intervention period)
Hand washing after visual contamination ‘Quick & Clean’, (Alpheios B.V., Heerlen, The Netherlands) wipes to remove extensive contamination from hands. Followed by disinfection with alcohol-based hand rub
Medication preparation Dissolving of medication in bottled water (SPA reine, Spa, Belgium)
Drinks Bottled water (SPA reine, Spa, Belgium)
Canula care Disposable materials
Hair washing Rinse-free shampoo cap (Comfort Personal cleansing products, USA)
Washing Moistened disposable wash gloves, (D-care,Houten, The Netherlands)
Dental care Bottled (SPA reine, Spa, Belgium)
Shaving Electric shaving, or with warm bottled water (SPA reine, Spa, Belgium)