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Table 2 Index patients with possible transmission

From: No nosocomial transmission under standard hygiene precautions in short term contact patients in case of an unexpected ESBL or Q&A E. coli positive patient: a one-year prospective cohort study within three regional hospitals

Pair Index Contact Genetic difference (wgMLST) Genetic difference (cgMLST) Conclusion
1 E. coli (ST131; CTX-M-27) E. coli (ST295; SHV-12) 97.5% (3138/3219) 95.8% (2647/2764) No nosocomial transmission
2 E. coli (ST69; CTX-M-1) E. coli (ST69; CTX-M-55) 13.6% (439/3219) 11.6% (321/2764) No nosocomial transmission