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Table 1 ED RN focus group questions (SEIPS framework domain in parentheses)

From: Reducing unnecessary culturing: a systems approach to evaluating urine culture ordering and collection practices among nurses in two acute care settings

How often do you look at a patient’s urine sample? (Task)
Walk us through the steps of what you would do if you have concerns about a patient’s urine when you are first evaluating them in the ED? (Process)
What challenges are there for collecting an adequate urine sample and how do they effect whether or not you order a urine culture? (Physical environment)
Which guidelines are you aware of for the ordering of urine cultures? (Organization)
What do you think about the communication between nursing and physicians regarding urine culture ordering? (Person)
What clinical presentations other than dysuria would prompt you to think about ordering a urine culture or a urinalysis with reflex culture? (Task)
Do you feel that there is a role for the electronic health record for decision support in terms of when to order a urine culture? (Technology and tools)
How do you feel this issue affects patient safety or quality of care? (Patient outcome)
How do your job demands influence the ordering of urine cultures? (Organization)
How does this topic affect your job satisfaction or stress? (Employee and organizational outcome)