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Table 4 Deductive Results: Dominant Themes and Illustrative Quotations

From: Reducing unnecessary culturing: a systems approach to evaluating urine culture ordering and collection practices among nurses in two acute care settings

Dominant Theme Illustrative Quotation
(Percent of focus group content pertaining to SEIPS framework domain)
Person (25% ED, 30% ICU) “Finding the physician [is a challenge to obtaining a urinalysis order]”
“Rarely do [the physicians] not trust me. If I say boy that [urine] really smells and you should check that out, the provider will say ok and they will write the [urinalysis with urine culture] order.”
Process (24% ED, 26% ICU) “Nurses will have a patient void in a hat and then will collect that as a UA when that really isn’t the best sample because that really isn’t sterile.”
“[Nurses] who are new will ask someone who is more senior, if they would ask the doctor for an order if a urine [sample] looked weird.”
Task (17% ED, 17% ICU) “I feel that the urine [in Foley catheters] looks suspicious for infection.”
“It always does.”
–ED RNs D & E
“If it’s a change in the [Foley catheter urine appearance] and [the patient] is communicative and they haven’t complained of anything, I probably would just get the sample before I would think to ask if they were having any urinary symptoms.”