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Table 1 UVGI devices comparison

From: Comparing and optimizing ultraviolet germicidal irradiation systems use for patient room terminal disinfection: an exploratory study using radiometry and commercial test cards

  Large units for patient room disinfection Small units for bathrooms and other confined spaces
Name (manufacturer) Tru-D (Tru-D SmartUVC, Memphis, TN) Enlight (Clorox Healthcare - Optimum UV, Oakland, CA) EDU 435 (Lumalier, Memphis, TN) Turbo-UV (MRSA-UV, Palm Springs, FL)
Workflow and control • One room, one device placement • On-board sensor system calculates cycle time based on reflected UVC dose • “Bacteria” and “Spore” cycles • Cycle time can vary greatly • Remote control • Cloud-based use data log • One room, multiple device placement • Cycle time, number of placements and positions determined by user • Test cards available to help with the process • Sensor system used to detect intrusion in the room while device in use • Control panel on device • App-based remote • Cloud-based use data log • Delay start function • Timer • Remote control • Timer
Available literature Most studied UVGI system A few available studies No studies available No studies available
Price point (approximate, USD) $90,000 $45,000 $4000 $600