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Table 2 Overview of all tested surfaces and objects for environmental contamination in the hospital and nursing home

From: The infection risk scan (IRIS): standardization and transparency in infection control and antimicrobial use

Testpoints Hospital Nursing Home
Bedrail (twice, in two rooms) X X
Over bed table X X
Washstand X X
Shower chair X  
Support bar in the toilet room X X
Toilet seat (sitting area) X X
Door handle nursing office X  
Patient alarm bell X  
I.V. pole (most frequently touched part of the pole) X  
Keyboard P.C. in the nursing office X X
Telephone X X
Control panel bedpan washer X  
Bedside commode X X
Cabinet for medical supply & bandages X X
Blood pressure cuff X  
Ear thermometer (ear tip) X X
Glucometer X X
Work surface of the bench for drug preparation X  
Keyboard computer on wheels (COW) X  
Table living room   X
Supply room “sterile” materials   X
Door handle living room   X
Patient lift, client handle   X