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Table 1 Antimicrobials most commonly mentioned or kept by the farmers surveyeda

From: Antimicrobials in small-scale urban pig farming in a lower middle-income country – arbitrary use and high resistance levels

Antimicrobial Number of farms
Amoxicillinb 56
Ampicillinb 21
Colistinb 27
Enrofloxacinb 19
Gentamicinb 29
Lincomycin 14
Oxytetracycline 17
Penicillin Gb 15
Spectinomycin 6
Streptomycinb 9
Sulfonamides 16
Thiamphenicol 6
Trimethoprim 9
Tylosinb 38
  1. aThis list is not complete, as most farmers could only name a few of the antimicrobials that were used and it does not include potential antimicrobials in the feed concentrate
  2. bAntimicrobial considered critically important according to WHO [48]