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Table 5 Statements by respondents regarding potential negative effects of antimicrobial use

From: Antimicrobials in small-scale urban pig farming in a lower middle-income country – arbitrary use and high resistance levels

“If too much medicine, there may be medicine in the meat and it will taste different”
Female, 35 years, lower education
“If too much the pig will grow slower and the cycle will take longer time. Maybe it will affect the consumer if the animal gets too much antimicrobials. The meat will be yellow.”
Female, 51 years, lower education
“When a consumer eats an animal that has received a lot of antimicrobials it may have an effect on human health.”
Male, 48 years, lower education
“If the people that use the medicine don’t know how to use it, the medicine will remain in the meat. [It] may affect the people who eat the meat.”
Female, 36 years, lower education