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Table 3 Summary of survey qualitative question responses from participants

From: Development of a patient-centred intervention to improve knowledge and understanding of antibiotic therapy in secondary care

Questions noted by participants pre-intervention Frequency
What are the side effects of taking antibiotics? 7
Where to find further information about the diagnosis? 7
Further information about the antibiotics that I am taking 5
Further information about the bacteria causing my infection 3
How long will it take for me to feel better? 2
How can I prevent this happening again in the future? 2
Post-intervention - Why was this useful? Frequency
It gave information I haven’t of been told by the doctor 4
I didn’t know the names of the antibiotics I was taking 3
Gave information about side effects 2
It provided information about driving 2
It provided information about drinking alcohol with antibiotics 2
Covered all of the questions that I wanted to ask the doctor 2
Gave information on the infection / bug 1
Clear and understandable information 1
A good reminder of my conversation with the doctor 1
Post-intervention - How could this be improved further? Frequency
Nothing 3
More information on side effects 2
Would be better with more communication from the healthcare professional 1
Length of treatment 1
A place to write the concerns and questions that I have 1
Provide further information on why I shouldn’t drink on this medication 1