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Table 2 Sequence types, Serotypes and Virulence factors of 38 clinical E. coli isolates

From: Whole genome sequencing reveals high clonal diversity of Escherichia coli isolated from patients in a tertiary care hospital in Moshi, Tanzania

Isolate STe Serotype Virulence Factors
Adherence Toxin Protease Evasiong Type IIIh
70 ST-131 O25:H4 Iha,nfaE   sat iss  
73 ST-131 O25:H4 Iha,nfaE   sat iss  
199 ST-131 O25:H4 Iha astA,senB sat iss  
210 ST-131 O25:H4 Iha,nfaE senB sat iss  
587 ST-131 O25:H4 Iha   sat iss  
603 ST-131 O15:H1 iha,nfaE lpfA,eilA senB sat iss air
567B ST-131 O25:H4 Iha   sat iss  
71E ST-131 O25:H4 iha,nfaE senB sat iss  
244 ST-617f O89:H10     iss  
245 ST-617 f O89:H10     iss  
538 ST-617 f O89:H10   astA,senB   iss capU
237C ST-617 f O89:H10     iss  
393 ST-405 O102:H6 eilA     air
10 ST-410 O??:H9 lpfA     
22 ST-410 O??:H9 lpfA     
598B ST-410 O8:H21 lpfA    iss  
97 ST-10 f O89:H10      
203 ST-10 f O89:H10      
340B ST-10 f O89:H9     iss  
44 ST-167 f O89:H21      
247 ST-167 f O89:H9   senB   iss capU
5a ST-226 O40:H19 bfpA,eae   espA,espF,espJ   nleB,nleC
6a ST-226 O40:H19 bfpA,eae   espA,espF,espJ   nleB,nleC
118Ad ST-73 O6:H1 Iha pic sat,vat iss mchB,mchC,mchF,mcmA
21 ST-942 O39:H28 lpfA    iss  
554c ST-95 O2(50):H4     iss mchF
431D ST-44 f O89:H4      
119EC ST-4959 O154:H4      
521b ST-504 O166:H7 Iha   vat iss mchB,mchC,mchF,mcmA, sigA, capU
4 ST-2332 O128:H45 cfaC, lngA   eatA   
30 ST-355 O150:H5   pic vat iss  
115 ST-361 O9:H30      
163A ST-372 O83:H31    vat iss  
298 ST-38 O86:H18 Iha,nfaE eilA senB sat iss air
365 ST-224 O8:H23 lpfA    iss  
82 ST-156 O61:H34 lpfA    iss  
598A ST-1193 O75:H5 Iha senB sat,vat   
77E ST-1284 O89:H21     iss  
  1. aHas virulence factor tir
  2. bHas virulence factor iroN
  3. cHas virulence factors ireA,iroN
  4. dHas virulence factor ireA
  5. eSequence Type (ST)
  6. fST-10 clonal complex
  7. gImmune evasion
  8. hType III translocated protein