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Table 1 Case descriptions involved in the outbreak of SICU, October to December 2011

From: Whole genome sequence revealed the fine transmission map of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumonia isolates within a nosocomial outbreak

Case No. Time of stay in SICU Date of the first isolation Type of specimen Infection /colonization Antimicrobial used beforea Antimicrobial used after Outcome
1 30/9/2011–17/10/2011 8/10/2011 sputum infection one course of VA one course of AK died
2b 7/10/2011-14/10/2011 10/10/2011 abdominal drainage fluid infection one course of MEM one course of AK transfer to other ward
3 8/10/2011–17/10/2011 11/10/2011 nose colonization discharged
4c 10/9/2011-16/12/2011 16/10/2011 throat infection one course of CAZ and 1 course of PIP/TAZ two courses of Gn transfer to other ward
5 14/10/2011–16/11/2011 18/10/2011 nose colonization one course of CIP one course of Ak discharged
6 16/10/2011–15/11/2011 21/10/2011 urine infection one course of CRO one course of GN discharged
7 24/10/2011–25/11/2011 27/10/2011 nose colonization one course of CRO one course of CRO discharged
8 20/12/2011–22/1/2012 23/12/2011 sputum colonization discharged
  1. aVA Vancomycin, MEM meropenem, CAZ ceftazidime, PIP/TAZ piperacillin/tazobactam, CIP ciprofloxacin, CRO ceftriaxone, AK amikacin, GN gentamicin
  2. b Case 2 was transferred to a general surgery ward and ultimately discharged from the hospital
  3. c Case 4 was transferred to a geriatric ward and ultimately discharged from the hospital