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Table 1 Predominant and common staphylococcal species recovered from the human hands and different environmental sites

From: The prevalence, antibiotic resistance and mecA characterization of coagulase negative staphylococci recovered from non-healthcare settings in London, UK

Sites Predominant species (%) Commonly isolated species (%)
BCF S. hominis (17%) S. warneri (17%)
DSH S. hominis (30%) S. haemolyticus (18%)
DSL S. haemolyticus (29%) S. epidermidis (26%)
DSR S. epidermidis (38%) S. hominis (35%)
DSS S. hominis (44%) S. epidermidis (29%)
DST S. epidermidis (35%) S. capitis (15%)
HB S. epidermidis (40%) S. capitis (27%)
HH S. epidermidis (36%) S. hominis (23%)
  1. BCF baby care facilities, DSH different sites of hotels, DSL different sites of a library, DSR different sites of restaurants, DSS different sites of supermarkets; DST different sites of transportation facilities, HB handbags, HH human hand