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Fig. 2

From: Molecular characterization of extended spectrum β -lactamases enterobacteriaceae causing lower urinary tract infection among pediatric population

Fig. 2

Detection of blaSHV, blaTEM and blaCTX-M-G (1,2,8,9, &25) antibiotic resistance genes in 110 ESBL Enterobacteriaceae pathogens isolated from children with UTIs. Representative samples are shown. Multiplex PCR was performed for detection of CTX-M groups while monoplex PCR was used for detection of TEM and SHV. The amplification products of each isolate were run on the same lane for detection of bla genes. Lane 1: blaTEM, blaSHV& blaCTX-MG1; Lane 2: blaTEM, blaSHV & bla CTX-M-G1: Lane 3: blaCTXM-G9; Lane 4: blaSHV & blaCTXM-G1; Lane 5: blaSHV; Lane6: blaCTX-MG1; Lane 7: blaCTXM-G2; Lane 8; blaCTXM-G8, Lane 9: blaTEM &blaCTXM-G8; Lane 10, bla TEM, blaSHV &blaCTXM-G8; Lane 11: blaSHV & blaCTXM-G1; Lane 12: blaNCTC 13,351 E. coli Positive control for blaTEM, NCTC 13368 K. pneumonia positive control for blaSHV, NCTC 13461 E. coli positive control for blaCTX-MG1: Lane 13: ATCC 25922 E. coli negative control

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