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Table 1 Classification score of disease conditions

From: A multi-center nested case-control study on hospitalization costs and length of stay due to healthcare-associated infection

Score Classification basis
1 Routine observation was required and care and treatment were not required (including patients who need to be observed after surgery).
2 Stable condition, but preventive observation is needed, it is not necessary to strengthen care and treatment of patients, for example, some patients for whom myocarditis, myocardial infarction need to be excluded and overnight observation is needed after taking medicine.
3 Stable condition, but care and/or guardianship of patients need to be strengthened, such as coma patients or patients with chronic renal failure.
4 Unstable conditions, increased care and treatment are needed, and regular evaluation and adjustment of treatment programmes are needed, such as arrhythmia, diabetic ketoacidosis patients (but no coma, shock, DIC).
5 Unstable conditions, in a coma or shock state, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is needed or nursing care needs to be strengthened, and the care and treatment of patients need to be evaluated.