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Table 2 Medications dispensed in response to the simulated scenarios, Gondar town, Ethiopia, 2017

From: Non-prescribed sale of antibiotics for acute childhood diarrhea and upper respiratory tract infection in community pharmacies: a 2 phase mixed-methods study

Antimicrobial (s) dispensed Acute diarrhea URTI
Cotrimoxazole 11
Metronidazole 15
Mebendazole 10
Loperamide 9
ORS with Zinc 16
Amoxicillin 23
Amoxicillin-clavulanic acid capsule 19
Azithromycin 15
Ciprofloxacin 5
Cephalexin 1
Cefexime 1
Levofloxacin 3
  1. Abbreviation: ORT: Oral Rehydration Therapy; URTI: Upper Respiratory Tract Infections