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Fig. 1

From: Hospital acquired vancomycin resistant enterococci in surgical intensive care patients – a prospective longitudinal study

Fig. 1

Minimum spanning tree of VRE isolates illustrating their genotypic relationship. Minimum spanning tree of 25 VRE strains isolated from intensive care unit patients with VRE anamnesis (yellow) and detected during screening on admission (blue) and on discharge (red) during August and October 2017 based on 1423 cgMLST target genes [20], pairwise ignoring missing values. Genotypes are numbered chronologically in order of patients’ admission on ICU. Each dot represents one genotype. Size of dots correlates with the number of identical genotypes. Numbers near to the connecting lines show the number of alleles differing between two genotypes. Whole Genome Sequencing revealed six clusters of VRE, one vanA-cluster and five vanB-clusters

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