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Fig. 1

From: Antimicrobial properties of a novel copper-based composite coating with potential for use in healthcare facilities

Fig. 1

Formulation of Copper Armour™. a Copper Armour™ can be applied in liquid state on various substrates. At 25 °C, a 1 mm thick coating requires 2.5 h to dry. b Schematic composition of Copper Armour™. Shapes and sizes of Cu particles embedded in the methacrylate resin (matrix) are shown; the matrix acts as a liquid medium, providing adherence to the substrate and cohesion among components. Larger spherical Cu particles precipitate before curing of the matrix. Dendritic Cu particles act as a charge-conducting network. Smaller flakes Cu particles, float on the surface and become oriented in parallel, increasing the contact surface, thus, favoring the release of Cu ions. A bacterium is shown with its membrane degraded as a consequence of the antimicrobial activity of Cu. c Superficial topography of Copper Armour™. SEM analysis showed a homogenous distribution of copper particles in the matrix. d Chemical composition of Copper Armour™. EDAX analysis shows that Cu, carbon (C) and oxygen (O) are the main elements of the composite

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