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Table 1 Publications on CO-MRSA infections in Australia used to calculate incidences in this study

From: Incidence of community onset MRSA in Australia: least reported where it is Most prevalent

Citation Regiona Data collection period Admission status Site of infectionb Data source(s)c Additional exclusionsd Publication typee
Nimmo 2013 [13] Queensland 2011 IP,OP,ED All P,D T PRJ
Stevens 2006 [28] Alice Springs, NT 2005–6 IP,OP,ED All R,D T PRJ
Agostino 2016 [20] Hunter - New England, NSW 2008–14 IP,OP,ED Total R T Th
Mitchell 2009 [46] Tasmania 2008–9 IP,OP,ED Total S s,c,p,d,t GR
Tong 2009 [15] Top End, NT 2006–7 IP,ED Total P t,Other PRJ
Wehrhahn 2010 [8] Perth – Fremantle, WA 2005–7 IP All P s,c,p,d,o,t PRJ
Bennett 2007 [34] Small hospitals Victoria 2004–5 IP Total S T PRJ
Marquess 2013 [35] Queensland 2005–2010 IP BSI R NS PRJ
Robinson 2009 [19] Perth, WA 1997–2007 IP BSI R t,Other PRJ
Laupland 2013 [33] ACT 2000–8 IP BSI NS NS PRJ
Strachan 2014 [18] Victoria 2009–13 IP BSI S GR
Wells 2014 [32] Tasmania 2008–14 IP BSI S s,c,p,d,t GR
Tong 2015 [17] Northern Territory 2008–12 OP SSTI C NS PRJ
Bennett 2014 [36] Melbourne, Vic 2006 OP SSTI C L,t PRJ
Pandey 2008 [39] Bowral, NSW 2004 ED SSTI NS NS LE
Lim 2014 [40] The Alfred Hospital, Vic 2003–11 ED BSI NS m,t PRJ
  1. aAustralian Capital Territory (ACT), Victoria (Vic)
  2. bAll: data for SSTIs, LRTIs, BSIs and others listed separately, Total: only data for total infections were provided
  3. cR: retrospective review of laboratory database, P: prospectively identified cases for inclusion, C: Community pathology database, S: surveillance system, D: discharge diagnosis, NS: not stated
  4. d s: surgical procedure – some authors required that the infection was at the surgical site c: therapy for cancer (variously: receiving IV chemotherapy, being an oncology patient, neutropenia or immunosuppressive medication), p: percutaneous or indwelling device, d: dialysis, t: time since previous discharge (variously ≤48 h to ≤12 months), L: residence in long term care facility, m: children (either less than 18 or 20 years old), o: other, NS: none stated. Further exclusion criteria included history of S. aureus infection, being an intravenous drug user, organ transplant recipients, respiratory and burns patients, receiving plasmapheresis, home IV therapy or employment in healthcare
  5. e PRJ peer-reviewed academic article, Th thesis, GR government report, LE letter to the editor