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Table 2 Information included in the data collection sheet

From: Community pharmacy staff’s response to symptoms of common infections: a pseudo-patient study

  Data collected
1 Geographical location of the pharmacy
2 Details of attending pharmacy staff
4 Requested a prescription
4 Whether antibiotic dispensed
5 Antibiotic dispensing detail (level of request, type, dose and frequency)
6 WWHAMM questions
Who is the medicine for?
What are the symptoms?
How long have you had the symptoms?
What action has already been taken?
Are you taking any other medicine?
Have other medical and lifestyle history taken? (specific to the scenario)
7 Other medical and lifestyle history inquired by pharmacy staff
Age, gender, Allergies, Environmental exposure, Suspected adverse drug reaction and any other related to specific scenario
8 Patient advice on dispensing
Including how much to take, how to take, when to take, how often to take and when to stop.
9 Recommendations including provision of OTC medicine and referrals to a physician