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Table 2 Evaluation of the inter-professional teaching module: rating by OR technician trainees (ORTT) and by medical students (MDS). Rating on Likert-Scales from −2 (very poor) to + 2 (excellent)

From: Operating room technician trainees teach medical students - an inter-professional peer teaching approach for infection prevention strategies in the operation room

Student group ORTT a) MDS b)
Number of responses (response rate) n = 32 (100%) n = 46 (100%)
mean SD mean SD
Content of the teaching module
 This inter-professional event was a positive learning experience 1.66 0.6 1.91 0.3
 This module promoted mutual respect and understanding 1.81 0.4 1.83 0.4
 This teaching module prepared well for the future work in an operating room (e.g. during clerkship, or for surgical nursing) 1.22 0.7 1.35 0.7
 This teaching module could replace a respective module in a real-life operating room (to train antiseptic behavior in the OR) -c)   0.65 1.0
 This workshop provided an insight into the way of thinking and the perspective of the corresponding profession 1.41 0.7 1.59 0.6
 This module is helpful to promote inter-professional communication / exchange 1.59 0.6 1.67 0.6
 Should your curriculum have more overlap with other professions 1.59 0.6 1.65 0.5
  1. aORTT operating room technician trainee
  2. bMDS medical students
  3. cNot relevant for ORTT