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Table 3 Actions to facilitate implementation in infection prevention and control and antimicrobial stewardship

From: Implementation research for the prevention of antimicrobial resistance and healthcare-associated infections; 2017 Geneva infection prevention and control (IPC)-think tank (part 1)

Level Action
International level - Make IPC a global priority – take the lead
- Support global IPC initiatives
- Provide minimal standards in patient safety
- Provide guidance (key/core components)
National level - Make IPC a national priority – have a national strategy
- Provide career paths for IPC professionals
- Promote IPC and AMS, as well as their implementation, being part of education and training for all healthcare professionals
- Provide national guidelines and policies, aligned with international standards
- Organise surveillance of process and outcome indicators, benchmark with other countries
- Make resources available (education and training, materials, staffing)
Health care facility level - Make IPC an institutional priority – have a local strategy
- Provide resources
- Allow postgraduate training in IPC and AMS as well as their implementation
IPC community - Integrate implementation science, management, and leadership in the curriculum of IPC training
- Make implementation science an ongoing topic on the agenda of any IPC workshop
Research - Add an implementation narrative to any publication on best practice interventions
- Encourage collaboration between IPC researchers and social scientists to improve study design and reporting
- Provide funding of mixed-methods research on behaviour change interventions
  1. AMS, Antimicrobial stewardship; IPC, Infection prevention and control