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Table 3 Spa and MLST distribution among S. aureus carriage and SSI isolates

From: The role of patients and healthcare workers Staphylococcus aureus nasal colonization in occurrence of surgical site infection among patients admitted in two centers in Tanzania

ID Hospital Ward Region Type of surgery Spaa STa Spab STb Spa-SSI SSI-ST
4 Bugando E8 Mara ORIF t690 88
26 Bugando C6 Mara Craniotomy t4353 72 t4353 72
67 Bugando C6 Shinyanga Amputation t355 152
106 Bugando C6 Mwanza Cholecystectomy t355 152
150 Bugando J5 Mara CRelease t095 508 t1257 612
152 Bugando J5 Shinyanga ORIF      t1257 612
191 Bugando C9 Mara VPShunt t148 3118 t223 22 t223 22
379 Bugando C6 Mwanza Laparatomy t355 152 t311 5 t311 5
ST111 SToure MAT Mwanza Csection t148 3118 t148 3118 t148 3118
ST148 SToure MAT Mwanza Csection t002 5 t223 4266* t223 4266*
ST159 SToure MAT Mwanza Csection t002 5 t002 5 t002 5
ST302 SToure MAT Mwanza Csection t355 152 t355 152 t355 152
  1. a admission, b discharge SSI Surgical site infection CRelease contracture release; ORIF; Open Reduction Internal Fixation; Csection Caesarean Section; ST sequence type; *New ST