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Table 1 Overall rate of isolation of members of the family Enterobacteriaceae from hospitals and abattoir wastewater, their receiving rivers and Kality WWTP

From: Antimicrobial susceptibility profile of selected Enterobacteriaceae in wastewater samples from health facilities, abattoir, downstream rivers and a WWTP in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

No. Species No. isolated (%) Place of collection and number isolated
1 E. coli 18 (75) TASH(4), Minilik II HospitalWWS(3), AA abbatoir(4), Kality WWTP(2), Kebena River(1),Little Akaki river(3)
2 Salmonella spp. 12 (50) Minilik II Hospital WWS(1), TASH WWS (1), A. A Abattoir WWS(2), Little Akakki river (3) Kality WWTP(2), Kebena river(3)
3 Klebsiella pneumoniae 8 (33.3) Minilik II Hospital WWS(2), A. A Abattoir WWS(1), Kality WWTP(2),
4 Klebsiella oxytoca 3 (12.5) TASH WWS(1), Minilik II Hospital WWS(1), Little Akaki river(1)
7 Enterobacter cloacae 6 (25) TASH WWS(2), Minilik II Hospital WWS(1), kebena river(1), Kality, WWTP(1), Little Akaki river(1)
5 Enterobacter aerogenes 3 (12.5) Little Akakiriver(1), AA abattoir(2)
6 Citobacter Spp. 4 (16.7) TASH WWS(2), Kality WWTP(1), Little Akaki river(1)