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Table 2 Salmonella serotype distribution

From: Antimicrobial susceptibility profile of selected Enterobacteriaceae in wastewater samples from health facilities, abattoir, downstream rivers and a WWTP in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Isolate ID Serotype Antigenic formula Place of collection
H7 S. Newport 6,8:e,h:1,2 AA Abattoir WWS
H10 S. Newport 6,8:e,h:1,2 TASH WWs
H13 S. Typhimurium 4,5:i:1,2 Minelik II Hospital WWs
H18 S. Parathyphi B 4:b:1,2 AA Abattoir WWS
H36 S. Muenchen 6,8:d:1,2 Little Akaki river
H41 S. Cerro 6,14,18:z4,z23: [1, 5] Kaity WWTP
H46 S. Typhimurium 4,5:i:1,2 Kebena river
H47 S. Muenchen 6,8:d:1,2 Kebena river
H48 S. Muenchen 6,8:d:1,2 Little Akaki river
H58 S. Adelide 35:f,g:- Little Akaki river
H59 S. Muenchen 6,8:d:1,2 Kaity WWTP
H61 S.Typhimurium 4,5:i:1,2 Kebena river