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Table 5 Rate of occurrence of extended spectrum betalactamase production among Enterobacteriaceae using double disc synergy test

From: Antimicrobial susceptibility profile of selected Enterobacteriaceae in wastewater samples from health facilities, abattoir, downstream rivers and a WWTP in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Bacterial species DDST result % positive Collection site for positive isoltes
No. tested No. positive  
Citrobacter spp. 3 1 33.3 TASH
E. coli 11 3 27.3 2 from Menilik II Referral Hospital and TASH, 1 from Little Akaki river
Enterbacter cloaceae 4 1 25 TASH
Klebsiella pneumonia 3 1 33.3 Menilik II Referral Hospital