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Table 3 Similarity in allocation of items to zones for all 10 non-IPC-experts

From: Exploring healthcare providers’ mental models of the infection prevention “patient zone” - a concept mapping study

Majority Inside Patient Zone (%) Mixed (50% inside, 50% outside) Majority Outside Patient Zone (%)
Bedframe (100)a Waste bin Computer (100)a
Bedsheets (100)a Another patient HCP private mobile phone (100)a
Urinary Catheter (100)a Mirrored Cabinet Paper patient records (100)a
Central Venous Catheter (100)a Partition wall Healthcare provider badge (90)a
Bathroom in patient room (90)   Conductive gel bottle (for ECG) (90)a
Bedside Table (90)a   Pens (90)a
Fixed phone in patient room (90)a   Clipboard (80)a
Monitor (90)a   Trolley (70)a
Blood pressure cuff (70)   Physicians’ pocket lamp (70)a
HCP hands (70)   HCP professional attire (60)a
Curtains (70)
Sink (70)
Floor (60)
Infusion pump (60)a
Tourniquet (60)
Stethoscope (60)
Medication tray (60)
Ultrasound (60)
  1. Legend: Items designated with a were in agreement with expert consensus; IPC infection prevention and control, ECG electrocardiography, HCP healthcare provider