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Table 2 Domains of antimicrobial stewardship nursing model analysis

From: Nurse roles in antimicrobial stewardship: lessons from public sectors models of acute care service delivery in the United Kingdom

Interprofessional working: Considers whether interprofessional working (working with and across professions) is required for the role within the model.
Strategic influence and relation with other structures, teams or services: Defines the likely influence of the model at strategic and organisational level, as well as the position of role holders in relation to other organisational or professional structures.
Clinical outcomes: Describes whether changes resulting from introduction of model would reflect impact or process achievements.
Individual identity: Examines the role archetype used within the antimicrobial stewardship nursing model (i.e. consultant nurse-type, specialist nurse-type, or staff nurse-type).
Funding/Managerial structures: Describes managerial and supervisory responsibility for nurses, as well as the kind of funding (pilot, short-term, etc. …) and accountability for appointing the workers.
Setting of practice: Hospital, community, long-term care, nursing home facilities …
Role components: Includes clinical, educational, quality improvement, policy, and managerial components.