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Table 1 Clinical information about leukemic patients harboring cabapenemase-producing C. freundii

From: Genomic characterization of Citrobacter freundii strains coproducing OXA-48 and VIM-1 carbapenemase enzymes isolated in leukemic patient in Spain

Patients Age (years) Hematological malignancy type Sample No. Sampling date Antimicrobial therapy Other conditions before sampling CP bacteria
Patient_1 49 Acute leukemia 154 13/02/2014 Ciprofloxacin Transplant CF_154
Patient_2 40 Acute leukemia 565 24/09/2014 Ciprofloxacin, Meropenem Transplant CF_565
Patient_3 51 Acute leukemia 680 26/11/2014 Ciprofloxacin Chemotherapy CF_680
  1. CF C. freundii, CP carbapenemase producing