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Table 1 Summary of results for ACH and CH

From: Effectiveness of a Ward level target accountability strategy for hand hygiene

Acute care hospitalPre-intervention
Oct 2015-Mar 2016
Post intervention
Apr 2016-Dec 2017
p value
 Hand Hygiene Rate65.8973.78<  0.00001
 MRSA bacteremia0.730.06<  0.001
 MRSA transmission rate per 1000 patient days1.131.09NS
Community HospitalPre-intervention
May 2016-Mar 2017
Apr 2017-Dec 2017
p value
 Hand Hygiene rate64.2674.950.00005
 MRSA bacteremia00.204NS
 MRSA transmission rate per 1000 patient days5.722.790.00035