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Table 3 Risk prediction model for 30-day mortality among adult inpatients with C. difficile infections and the risk points

From: Risk prediction for 30-day mortality among patients with Clostridium difficile infections: a retrospective cohort study

VariablesRegression coefficients (βs)Risk pointa
Age > 65 years old0.41794
WBC in tertiles, cells/mm3
 First tertile: < 9440Reference0
 Second tertile: 9440 to < 14,600−0.2299−2
 Third tertile: ≥14,6000.09301
Rise in SCr ≥1.5-fold0.82129
Albumin < 2.5 g/dL0.42265
Glucose in tertiles, mg/dL
 First tertile: < 142Reference0
 Second tertile: 142 to < 1930.49935
 Third tertile: ≥1930.77848
BUN-to-SCr ratio > 200.71198
  1. Abbreviations: BUN blood urea nitrogen, SCr serum creatinine, WBC white blood cell count
  2. aWe assigned each variable a risk point by dividing the corresponding regression coefficient by the absolute smallest coefficient (i.e., 0.0930) and rounding it to the nearest integer.