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Table 1 Perceived leadership styles of peer-identified change agents and management-selected change agents

From: Hand hygiene – social network analysis of peer-identified and management-selected change agents

Leadership attributesStudy arm 1
Peer-identified change agents
Study arm 2
Management-selected change agents
AttitudeNot pushy, mostly easy-going; positive attitude; motivated to improve hand hygiene practices in the wardVery determined to improve hand hygiene compliance; strong-minded; goal orientated
Self-confidenceSomewhat lacking self-confidence; concerns about their leadership capacitiesVery assertive
ApproachabilityVisible and always receptive; very friendly; not strict; empatheticApproachable attitude, but sometimes unavailable due to other activities; were strict; almost dictatorial
Team roleStrong team players; followed-through tasks with other team members; always performed good hand hygiene practices (good role models)Acted as team managers; kept their distance; always performed good hand hygiene practices (good role models)
Decision-making capacitiesSomewhat lackingProminent