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Table 3 The proportion of ARGs in the comparison between humans who used antibiotic and those who did not use antibiotics

From: An exploration of the gut and environmental resistome in a community in northern Vietnam in relation to antibiotic use

Antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs)No use antibiotic, n/N (%)Use antibiotic, n/N (%)p -value
qnrA1/49 (2)7/44 (16)0.025
qnrS49/49 (100)44/44 (100)1
CTX-M-114/49 (29)21/44 (48)0.086
CTX-M-28/49 (16)9/44 (20)0.789
CTX-M-929/49 (59)28/44 (64)0.676
mcr-144/49 (90)38/44 (86)0.751
mcr-323/49 (47)24/44 (54)0.535
blaNDM2/49 (4)2/44 (5)1
  1. Differential proportion of ARGs among two groups was compared using Pearson’s Chi square or Fisher’s exact, P-value < 0.05 was considered significant