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Table 2 Distribution of sex, age and educational standing of all respondents and of matching respondents

From: Active involvement of patients and relatives improves subjective adherence to hygienic measures, especially selfreported hand hygiene: Results of the AHOI pilot study.

 All RespondentsMatching Respondents
 18–20 years   1.12/178   1.52/133
 21–30 years   6.712/178   8.311/133
 31–45 years15.227/1781824/133
 46–60 years28.751/17826.335/133
 61–70 years2748/17826.335/133
 over 70 years21.338/17819.526/133
Educational standing
 No graduation   2.13/141   2.83/107
 School graduation13.519/14111.212/107
 Vocational training graduation55.378/14151.455/107
 University degree29.141/14134.637/107
Length of stayMean ± standard deviation Mean ± standard deviation 
 Mean length of stay   6.4 ± 5.5126/139   6.3 ± 5.4121/133
  1. Legend: All Respondents = all respondents who returned a questionnaire section regardless of whether they returned only the section for admission or discharge. Matching Respondents = only the respondents who returned both sections for admission and discharge