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Table 2 Epidemiological correlations between MRSA isolates from farm workers and swine

From: Unidirectional animal-to-human transmission of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST398 in pig farming; evidence from a surveillance study in southern Italy

Farm IDHumanSwine
No. MRSA-positive/No. of sampled workersCombined typea
(No. of isolates)
No. MRSA-positive/No. of sampled swineCombined typea
(No. of isolates)
01CZ2/5t011, V, A (1)9/12t011, V, A (9)
  t011, V, C (1)b  
02CZ2/3t108, V, C (1)8/10t108, V, C (3)
  t899, IVc, C (1) t899, IVc, C (1)
    t034, V, C (4)
03CZ1/2t034, V, E (1)5/10t034, V, E (2)
    t571, V, D (2)
    t034, V, A (1)
05CS2/5t011c, V, C (1)24/30t011c, V, C (2)
  t1606, V, C (1) t1606, V, C (13)
    t011c, V, A (8)
    t5524, V, C (1)
07KRd1/5t011, V, C (1)18/19t011, V, C (11)
    t011, V, A (7)
11RC1/2t899, IVc, F (1)10/13t899, IVc, F (10)
18CSd3/3t011, V, C (2)10/10t011, V, C (8)
  t034, V, C (1) t1184, V, C (2)
19RC2/2t034, V, B (2)6/20t034, V, B (1)
    t034, V, D (2)
    t1793, V, B (2)
    t571, V, D (1)
21RC2/4t034, V, D (1)0/16
  t2922, V, D (1) 
29RC2/3t034, V, A (2)9/20t034, V, A (2)
    t899, V, C (7)
32RC1/2t034, V, A (1)b8/9t034, V, D (2)
    t10485, V, D (4)
    t011, V, D (1)
    t2876, V, D (1)
  1. Human and swine isolates for which an epidemiological association has been identified are highlighted in bold
  2. aspa, SCCmec, Rep-MP3 type
  3. bFor these isolates results have also been confirmed by RAPD typing
  4. ct011 isolate(s) displaying the IS256 insertion signature in the A07 fragment of the SAPIG2195 coding region (IS256::A07) (ref. [15])
  5. dTrading of animals during the survey period has been documented between farm ID 07KR (seller) and 18CS (purchaser) (ref. [15])