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Table 2 Mutations in cAmpC promoter/attenuator region of the wildtype and mutant isolates

From: Development of amoxicillin resistance in Escherichia coli after exposure to remnants of a non-related phagemid-containing E. coli: an exploratory study

E.coli K-12 (wildtype)Base in wildtype cAmpC promoter/attenuator region 
−32− 23.1− 21.1−19− 18−16.1− 11+ 58+ 81
IsolatePosition of mutation in cAmpC promoter/attenuator regionaDate experiments performed¤
−32−23.1−21.1−19−18−16.1−11+ 58+ 81
EUR1 (wildtype)        A 
EUR1M1A       A10th May
EUR1M2 GCA    A10th May
EUR1M3 GCA    A11th May
EUR1M4 GCA    A12th May
EUR1M5 GCA    A12th May
EUR1M6      T A13th May
EUR1M7 GCA    A25th May
EUR1M8 GCA    A26th May
EUR1M9 GCA    A1st June
EUR1M10      T A1st June
EUR1S1  T     A23th May
EUR1S2A       A17th August
EUR2 (wildtype)    A  T  
EUR2M1    AA T 12th May
  1. aPosition numbering of the cAmpC promoter/attenuator region as defined by Mulvey et al. [31]. In position number n.x: decimal number x refers to an insertion at position n. Positions −32 and − 11 are part of the wild-type promoter boxes. Position − 19 is part of the alternate promoter box. Positions − 21.1 and − 23.1 are part of the spacer region of both the wild-type and alternate promoter. Position − 16.1 is part of the spacer region of the wild-type promoter. ¥ strain used in experiments on 1st of June. ¤ all experiments were performed in 2016