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Table 4 Positive blood cultures with carbapenem sensitive microorganisms within 30 days after discontinuation of EAT

From: Early discontinuation of empirical antibiotic treatment in neutropenic patients with acute myeloid leukaemia and high-risk myelodysplastic syndrome

(sex, age, diagnosis)
Duration of initial EATMicro-organism in blood cultureDays between discontinuation of EAT and positive blood cultureFocus of infectionTreatment
Period IF 51, AML11Enterococcus species4Central venous catheterVancomycin, followed by amoxicillin
F 44, AML7Streptococcus mitis6SinusitisRestart EAT with a carbapenem
F 65, MDS7Escherichia coli11UrosepsisRestart EAT with a carbapenem, followed by ceftriaxone
M 59, AML16Clostridium perfringens7Translocation of infected trombusRestart EAT with a carbapenem + vancomycin
Period IIM 49, AML4Pseudomonas aeruginosa6Dental focusPiperacillin/tazobactam + tobramycin
M 42, AML5Enterococcus species17UnknownVancomycin
  1. Abbreviations: F female; M male; AML acute myeloid leukaemia; MDS myelodysplastic syndrome; EAT empirical antibiotic treatment